Meet Micah

This is Micah, or Micah-man as we like to call him. He is the name-sake of the foundation. Born in 2015 with HLHS he has undergone two procedures known as the Norwood and Glenn surgeries to re-purpose the right side of his heart to function as his whole heart. He still has another surgery on the horizon, the Fontan surgery which will complete the re-purposing.

Which way to the Cooks?

If we hadn’t stayed, the nurse wouldn’t have noticed his color getting a little blue and we wouldn’t have been in as good position to make the move to Cook’s.

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Micah before we knew

Newborn Micah

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Dang you Adam

We ate, we called people, I posted to Facebook. We talked some. We watched some waiting room TV. We decided I should probably go get my truck so that both our vehicles were at the hospital.

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The First Five Hours

My wife had gone to sleep. I was holding my son, Micah, now a day and a half old, in my arms, while sitting in a chair in our room at the hospital, reading things on my phone. He had drifted off to sleep, something he was very good at, and did quiet a bit even while eating.


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You’ve Got the Wrong Garage

I have spent a decent amount of my life in cars, trucks, and vans over the years. I like driving, not quiet as much these days as I used to, but I still do to a certain extent.

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I Need to Sit Down

One of the individuals in the room with Micah was a well dressed man who introduced himself as Dr. Levy. He was the neonatologist, or baby doctor, for Micah. He started going into detail on what was going on with Micah and what they were doing to/with him at the moment.

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Hotel Hospital

The drive back to the hospital was very similar to the first drive, except there was more music involved. A song by For King And Country had just become popular and came on the radio shortly after I fired the truck up and got moving back toward Cook Children’s.

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