We Need Your Help!

We really do need your help. The Micah Mason Foundation is a low over head and low budget non-profit. Basically, we want as much of the donations we receive to go to the people who are making a difference: doctors and researchers.

However, that does mean that everything we do is on a volunteer basis. The more volunteers we have, the more we can do. Every little bit helps, from sharing our posts on social media, to helping review our website and content, to organizing events and fundraisers for us. The more people help, the more we can do, and the more people we can help.

So please help! Check out the areas below and see how you can help us to help kids like Micah.

Team Grant Getter

There are many organizations out there who offer grant money to organizations like ours who are focused on a particular mission.

We need your help to apply for these grants.

Ways you can help:

Grant Finder - find us organizations that provide grants.

Grant Writer - help us to fill out the forms that grant giving organizations require to grant their grants.

Grant Reviewer - review our grant submissions for typos, issues, or to help us round out our arguments or ideas.

Team BBQ

We want to host a Charity BBQ Competition but we can't do it without a team of volunteers to help and plan and pull off the event.

If you'd like to volunteer for helping with the Charity BBQ Competition please use the form below.

We can't do it without you.