Micah Mason Research Fund 43%
HeartWorks 8%
Fontan Outcomes Network 100%
Micah Mason Foundation 100%

Welcome to our 2022 Annual Fundraiser!

Welcome everyone to our Annual Fundraiser. We had a very successful Capital Campaign last year so this year we decided to go a bit bigger, now we're doing a fundraiser for the entire charity, not just our capital needs.

Each week in November we will highlight one of our partner organizations, that is, those organizations that we support because they are doing the research that will change the lives of children with congenital heart defects for the better.

If you've read far enough and you want to donate now, then use the form below and it will take you through the process.

If you'd like to know more, continue below for even more information! Then scroll back up to the form and make a donation 🙂


For our Annual Campaign we have a number of Giving Levels. Each Giving Level comes with a one or more gifts that we want to give you for helping us reach our goals!

Here are the gifts for each level, giving at that level will give you the gift and all the gifts from the lower levels.

$2 - Graphic Sticker

$5 - Button (image coming soon)

$10 - Jar Opener

$20 - Fridge Magnet

$30 - Can Cozy (Picture Coming Soon!)

$50 - 2022 Ornament (Picture Coming Soon!)

$75 - Coffee Mug

$100 - Set of 4 Coasters

$200 - T-Shirts (up to 4)

$500 - Wooden Cutting Board (Picture Coming Soon)

If you see a specific gift you want multiples of, you will also be able to purchase extra gifts after you have donated.


November 1st to November 30th

For the entire month of November we will be raising funds for our various research partners. Each week we will highlight a different group with a donor meeting, research reception, social media highlighting, and a fun event you won't want to miss.

Week 1

Children's Heart Foundation

 November 1st - 7th

November 3rd - Donor Meeting

Week 2

National Pediatric Cardiac Quality Improvement Collaborative (NPC-QIC)

November 8th - 14th

November 11th-12th - NPCQIC & FON Learning Session

Week 3


November 15th - 21st

November 15th - Donor Meeting


November 17th - HeartWorks Lab Tour Video

Week 4

Fontan Outcomes Network (FON)

November 22nd - 28th

Micah Mason Foundation

November 29th - Giving Tuesday Donor Meeting and Day Long Pledge Drive

Micah's Birthday!

November 30th


The Micah Mason Foundation has partnered with the Children's Heart Foundation (CHF) to assist us in our mission of supporting research of treatments and cures for HLHS.

Per our partnership, a fund, named in honor of Micah, has been established by The Children's Heart Foundation. The fund will go toward research initiatives within the Children's Heart Foundation system that are selected by the Micah Mason Foundation.

The Children's Heart Foundation has a robust structure for reviewing research grant proposals and providing recommendations for funding or not funding various projects. This allows us here at the Micah Mason Foundation to focus on fund raising, awareness development, and networking. You know, the stuff we do best.



HeartWorks builds hearts and creates positive outcomes for people born with congenital heart defects. Through our revolutionary platform, we tap the best ideas and advance them through trials and onto therapies that give children and adults with CHD an opportunity to live fulfilling lives.

Through donations we’ve created a team that is focused on cultivating a product innovation culture, maintaining a pipeline of innovation targeted to improve heart muscle strength and overall heart function to dramatically improve individual outcomes. We partner across an ecosystem of medical experts, institutional collaborators, and activated communities to ensure we are making continuous progress while evaluating bold ideas.

The purpose of HeartWorks’ A Cure is in the Works campaign is to raise money to engage in new clinical trials therefore bringing more research out of the laboratory and into patients.


The Fontan Outcomes Network (FON) is a lifespan learning network made up of a community of patients, families, clinicians, and researchers who together seek to transform outcomes for all people affected by single ventricle heart disease by leveraging data to facilitate research, drive improvement, and spark innovation.

The National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative (NPC-QIC) is a network of over 60 pediatric cardiology care centers across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. With our parent partner organization, Sisters by Heart, we work together with families, clinicians, researchers, and patients to dramatically improve the outcomes for children with cardiovascular disease.

Mission: Our mission is to decrease mortality and improve quality of life for infants with single ventricle congenital heart disease and their families.

Vision: Our vision is to dramatically improve the outcomes of care for children with cardiovascular disease.


We have five fundraising goals this year, four of them are for our partners and the last one is for the foundation itself. If you want information about our partners please scroll up or listen in to one of our Donor Meetings.

Micah Mason Research Project - $100,000.00 - 43% to Goal

HeartWorks - $50,000.00 - 8% to Goal

NPC-QIC - $1,000.00 - 0% to Goal

FON - $1,000.00 - 100% at Goal!!!! Thank You!

Micah Mason Foundation - $1,000.00 - 100% at Goal!!! Thank You!