We Need Your Help!

We really do need your help. The Micah Mason Foundation is a low over head and low budget non-profit. Basically, we want as much of the donations we receive to go to the people who are making a difference: doctors and researchers.

However, that does mean that everything we do is on a volunteer basis. The more volunteers we have, the more we can do. Every little bit helps, from sharing our posts on social media, to helping review our website and content, to organizing events and fundraisers for us. The more people help, the more we can do, and the more people we can help.

So please help! Check out the areas below and see how you can help us to help kids like Micah.

Social Sharer

Do you like to spread the word and the get the news out? How would you like to do that for us?

We need people to share our stuff, far and wide. Help us by sharing our posts, videos, fundraisers, tweets, and whatever else we do on your social media accounts and networks.

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Do you have a good eye or a good ear? How would you like to use them for us?

We need some good eyes and good ears. Our website, our Facebook page, or posts, tweets, and our videos on YouTube could all benefit from someone reviewing and them and providing us with feedback.

Click below to lend us you ear 🙂


Do you have a good hand or a good mind for creation? How would you like to create for us?

We need people who can help us create marketing materials, fundraising campaigns, events and more. Whatever it is you are good at doing, we'd love to have you doing it for us.

Click below to lend us a hand